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Ladies, Gentlemen and Communists,


I’m Krishnan, and I’m 27, unfortunately. As a native of Kerala, a small coastal state in South India, known for its’ communists and communist-haters, elephants, snakes, coconuts, and nuts in general, I can honestly say that I’m quite nutty. This photo depicts a sculpture of my body, and was made by a very close friend. The sculpture does justice to my figure, I think.It is supposed to show a dude deep in thought, but one of my fellow bloggers once suggested that it just looks like a fella taking a dump, and now, I’m feeling ambivalent about it.

I have a day job that I hate, but I’m also a cynic, so that’s not saying much. I am constantly irritated by things around me, including sometimes, myself. I’m hoping that this blog will be a cathartic release for me. It’s not working so far. When I’m in a good mood, I’m funny, although it doesn’t show. When I’m irritated, I get crappy and it does show. So I get a raw deal from my peers most of the time. Oh, and I’m allergic to politicians. I break out in boils, every time I’m near one.

Check out my blog for articles on stuff that have nothing to do with each other, except for having filled my thoughts sometime during my work day.

I like beautiful pictures. In fact, I like beautiful everything. So, I may have grabbed some photos from the internet, in my enthusiasm to share them with my articles. If Β any of these photos belong to you, and you were less than impressed by what I did with them, you can contact me, and I will take them down immediately.

And thanks for taking the time to read about me. You’ve made my day (I’m being sarcastic here) Oh, and by the way, I’m a weirdo and a loner. My brain is like a movie theater with a single screen, that’s projecting several movies, all at the same time. Not a lot makes sense.

Sometimes it feels like my life is an endless Russian novel. Perhaps one written by Dostoyevsky. That dude was weird. I love literature, movies, books and sniffing books. Like Hermione Granger, I find the smell of fresh parchment intoxicating.


That’s it. You can stop reading.


55 thoughts on “About me

    • It is indeed rude. No arguments there. I suppose I could say I got carried away, but every time I turn on the news and see a politician who calls himself a ‘jan-sevak’, the hypocrisy just grinds into me.

      I liked your blog a lot. Congrats on being in the top 100. That takes a lot of work. I am a newbie myself.
      Thanks for visiting the blog. I’m not a hater 24*7 πŸ˜€ That’s only a part-time gig. Visit more often.

  1. Hey Krishnan,

    Thanks for follow my blog, Inspiring Evolution. Hope you liked my thoughts. Yes, i am fetching for compliments here..:)

    I simply love your intro. It is witty yet straight from your heart.

    Please stay connected and like i say in my world, Happy evolving!

  2. As a fellow cynic, most of the time, who also blogs as a way to vent my frustrations it is nice to meet a somewhat like minded soul online. Politicians don’t make me break out in boils but I do tend to become nauseous in their presence. Bureaucrats, at least in the US, do tend to cause boils so I guess we should never meet in person. Just in case.

    I look forward to reading more of your blog and your comments.


  3. Wish I could be a cynic but it’s a hard act to follow:). Love your posts. They make me revisit and rethink situations we face daily. Look forward to more of your writings.

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  5. I love this bio – so clever. I didn’t even skim once … love the dry humor and the anti establishment vibe, completely appealing! And I must say – I think an allergy to politicians is far more humorous than rude… xx

  6. I am glad I found you, excellent intro page. Your comments about communists was very syncronistic for me because I just watched an episode of POV on PBS here’s the link: http://video.pbs.org/video/2365340074/ It’s about the Indonesian genocide in the 1960’s. Public Broadcasting here in the US is the best TV station, according to me, and I am an excellent judge of TV because that’s all I do all day, watch TV πŸ™‚ And I am hoping that you are able to watch videos from their site.

    Your newest fan,


  7. Fellow blogger !!
    That was an awesome intro !! And “I’m allergic to politicians” too ..
    Maybe coz we are both from the same part of the world..!! πŸ˜€
    Hoping to stay in touch.. !!
    Going through your blog, right away !!

  8. ha ha ha…I mean ha ha ha,(i don’t know whats the second one is for though!). But I am already in love with your blog from the intro, I think your writing is just brilliant. πŸ™‚

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