Aaaaah! To be young and published!


I got published.

That is right folks.

I got published.

I finally summoned the courage to submit an article to THE HINDU, a national daily in India.


Still reeling from the shock.

I’d got a lot of enthusiastic response for my article – Bus Woes | Commuting in India, and decided that if it was good enough for the people who read it, it was good enough to be submitted.

I can honestly say, that there is no better feeling in the world.

Every person who purchased a copy of THE HINDU in India on the 2nd of February, had access to my article. And there was my name, (which was subject to a lot of ridicule during my school days for being old fashioned), on the top…

I know that humility is a much valued quality, and that it is expected of me, to be humble that is…

But I am not in the mood.

I am a published author. And I have set up abode with the angels high above, who have managed to get their writing published.

And I am not coming down. Not for all the gold on earth.

On a more serious note, I am overwhelmed by the response I got through e-mails, for my article. I finally understand the responsibility that comes with being a writer. Several of the responses where from people, who had gone through similar experiences while travelling by public transport in India.

Having never been serious in my life, I’m not sure I’ll start now. But I feel a lot more clear-headed and confident, about what I want to do with my life.

For those who want to read the version that got published in the paper, I add a link. Although I hate to admit, feel the editing made it better…

And for those of my friends who are still waiting to be published, I have this to say – Keep writing. Get lucky.


23 thoughts on “Aaaaah! To be young and published!

  1. So… u got published… congratulations… my first reaction after I saw this post was… “mom…. where is the Sunday newspaper?” And my mom was like… “YOU are asking for a newspaper?” 😛
    Well… say anything but getting published in THE HINDU is indeed big…. just one question… the disclaimer in the newspaper says “confirm that the submission is exclusive to this page”, but you had published it on WordPress a few days back, so it’s not exclusive…maybe…so…. throw some light on this…. so that I can also think about sending my articles… 😛

    • I had the same reservations initially, harshdamangal, but then I came across another blogger who’d published one of her blog posts in the Hindu.
      While submitting the article, I declared the fact that I’d already uploaded the article in my blog earlier, but it does not seem to be a problem for them, as long as the article is original.
      When they say exclusive, I suppose blog posts are excluded, because they are considered personal. If I’d already published my article in an online journal, I suppose they wouldn’t have considered it for publication.
      Hopefully that answers your question.
      So go ahead and do your thing…

      • Happy to help you, but really, you are making too much of a deal out this, buddy.
        I basically copy-pasted my article onto a word file, and sent it as an attachment.
        I gave my residential address and e-mail ID in the main page, and mentioned that this was an original article, written by me.
        That is all.

      • well…. i had already acknowledged that maybe i was asking for too much… and you cleared the point… 😛
        Thanks for the help… and the detailed description of your mail… 🙂

  2. Congratulations! I am yet to be published, unless of course you count that puff piece I did when I was eight about what I would make my mom for breakfast on Mother’s Day. That was published in our city paper 🙂

      • If it’s worth getting noticed, it will get noticed no matter what. You just have to believe in that. But yes, some work may strike a chord with someone and be nothing to another. :-/

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