Why I hate communism – II


The communists in Kerala have cannibalized the state. Almost every business venture in Kerala had to be moved to other parts of the India, or permanently shut down because of militant trade unionism.

The communists exhorted the workers of the state to unite, and they did. They made exorbitant demands of their employers. Profit-motive was called evil. And once the workers united, and overthrew the ‘blood-sucking’ capitalists, there was deathly calm. The workers had united all right, but there were no more jobs to be had. The brains had left for good, in a hellish reenactment of the Ayn Randian prophecy.


The communists had not redistributed wealth. They had redistributed poverty. It was surreal, a scene straight out of Atlas Shrugged.

Today, we have in Kerala, what is euphemistically called the ‘money order economy’. Kerala has a relatively high Gross Domestic Product, Per Capita, (INR 74,620), but this is possible only because of the high volume of foreign remittances that support the local economy. People in Kerala are heavily dependent on income from abroad. So many Keralites work abroad, that we have an official term to describe them – NRK’s – Non Resident Keralites.

If you are from Kerala, you are likely to have atleast one relative, who works abroad. The popular destinations are the middle east, USA and Europe. People who migrate to Europe or the USA, are increasingly choosing to settle in their adopted countries, and they cannot be blamed. Imagine being in a family, where the father has to stay away from his family for years, toiling away to make sure that his children can have a good education. Children spend their years growing up not knowing about the man who has sacrificed so much, to see them succeed. A tragedy of unimaginable proportions, being played out in Kerala on a daily basis. All because the socialists want to stay true to their philosophy of being capitalist-haters.


The chief minister of Kerala holding a meeting with Rashid Al Maktoum, the Prime Minister of UAE

Detractors might call this over-simplification, but the truth is, the socialist philosophy ended up driving the best brains out of the state, or into hibernation.

What is even more grinding about the communist philosophy, is the nonchalant display of hypocrisy. Today the biggest contributors to the communist coffers are real-estate businessmen and others who know how to play the system. Communist leaders can be seen rushing off to talk about socialism and the evils of capitalism in cars made by Toyota and Honda and Ford. Despite having excellent medical facilities here in Kerala, they choose to undergo treatment in USA or England, and as soon as they recover their voices, they rush back to blame the Americans for crushing The Little Man. When a water theme park akin to Disney Land was started by a local businessman, the communists were quick to protest the exploitation of ground water resources. A few years later, the Communist Party of India themselves began a water theme park. The irony is lost on them.

“Fascism tyrannizes through contempt of man; Communism tyrannizes by exalting man above that sphere of private error, private ambition, and private love which we call freedom.”

– George Steiner


15 thoughts on “Why I hate communism – II

  1. I know it isn’t the same as you described, but when I was little my dad worked two and sometimes three jobs just to keep us near the poverty line. He often says he raised my brother and I over the phone. I admire him and consider him to be a hero.

    • Thank you Nina. I’m happy to know that you think I deserve them. I’ve mashed them together too. I nominated the person who nominated me as well. But the whole ‘rules of engagement’ thing is tiring me out. 😀
      What about you?

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