What a month of ‘wordpressing’ did to me


I’ve wanted to blog for years. One day, on an impulse, I googled ‘blogging’, stumbled on wordpress, and decided to try it out.

I started this blog in October, as an experiment to see how soon I’d give up. I’ve been a quitter all my life. There was no reason to think this would be any different from the countless other endeavors I had given up on. It has been exactly a month now, and I’m surprised to find that I haven’t quit. Yet…

I’ve been examining the reasons for my new-found enthusiasm for writing/blogging.

The first one would definitely be that people read what I write. Not just my family, who always read everything I write anyway, and always say one thing – fantastic! Yeah… Right… Not a lot of people read my blog. But the important thing for me is – most of the people reading aren’t my family members.

Nowadays, most people don’t take the time to read. There are other sources for instant gratification, and people tend to read only the five-word-sentences that come with pictures, and get posted on twitter/facebook/linkthis/orthat…


And this is where wordpress has helped me the most. Most of the people in the wordpress community are here to read and to write. I’ve enjoyed being involved in wordpress so much, I don’t have the time or the inclination to check facebook anymore. I just post the links to my posts on facebook/twitter as status updates, and I am done. And unsurprisingly, I haven’t got many hits via facebook.

Another reason wordpress has got me hooked is the fact that it is more than just a content-management system. The dailypost by wordpress has been very helpful, giving me insights on blogging and interesting daily prompts, some of which I have used to write articles. Although by the time I am finished with the articles, the theme is nowhere close to what the prompts intended them to be. They have a way of encouraging you to write. It is like having a personal trainer in the gym, except it’s free.

I came across a daily prompt once – Pep Talk. I ended up writing an article bashing politicians, that had nothing to do with ‘Pep Talk’. But the prompt gave me the start I needed to bash said politicians.


Another thing that has kept me going are the comments and the likes. These are two of the features I hate the most about facebook. I even wrote a post about the ridiculous ‘liking’ culture in facebook.


But likes and comments in wordpress are different. They come from people you have never met, and who have no reason to ‘like’ or ‘comment’ unless they absolutely feel like doing it. I need that kind of validation, because I am sadly lacking in self respect, and I can’t afford therapy from a psychiatrist.

In the past one month, I have read and shared in the experiences of all kinds of fascinating people – a nutty American author who claims he is following orders from crack squirrels(he is not dangerous), gay people who came out in their thirties, people coping with physical handicaps/debilitating diseases, who inspire me with their positive attitude, professionals who write for international newspapers, sapiosexuals(I know!), bibliophiles, librarians, bikers, wannabe-chefs, world-travelers, Indophiles, students, teachers, housewives, singers, bureaucrats, poets, artists, film-buffs, bibliophiles, more bibliophiles and more film buffs, guys who just want to market stuff I don’t need, and some of them even decided to follow my posts!

I have ended up making friends – from as far as Israel and the USA. One month back, I wouldn’t have thought there would be someone from ‘The promised land’ reading my blog regularly. Two months ago, I hadn’t even heard about wordpress.

I have met several people with quirks similar to mine, people who have similar hopes and dreams and fears, and knowing about them has been immensely satisfying. It is nice to know that there are people out there who are as weird as your are. That your are not alone in your weirdness.

I’ve had over 1300 hits on my blog so far. I may or may not have indulged in some self-hitting. Anyway, that is 1300 times more than what I’ve had at any point of time in the past. I don’t know how my tally stacks up against the typical wordpress user in his first month, but I’m surprised to find that I don’t care. I feel compelled to write more. And that is something I have never felt before in my life.


I feel a sense of accomplishment washing over me. It is an unfamiliar feeling, because accomplishments have never washed over me before. They usually just bypass me completely. So far, the only  thing I had done consistently was digest food. Now, I digest food and write.

I look forward to reading more, writing more, and exploring how other people work and live and love.

How has wordpress treated you?


21 thoughts on “What a month of ‘wordpressing’ did to me

  1. I’ve never blogged this way before. I didn’t think it’ll last either. I read, write and discuss about books, a dream come true. Most importantly, I’ve met a friend from Kerala, who’s oddly enough a lot like me. I’d say it’s going pretty good. Love the post.

  2. I’m glad you started blogging (and hey we started at the same time) I started my blog to give some stake to learning, motivation to keep going — and maybe I was out to prove something after my Ex– but I wouldn’t have imagined what it turned into.

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