Is there a glitch in wordpress, or am I missing something?


This is a screenshot from my wordpress account stats, that I took at 8 AM today.

It says 18 views, ONE visitor.  It’s weird because I don’t see how ONE visitor can visit my page from THREE different countries within 8 hours.

I don’t know what I’m missing here, but it is strange. Must be a glitch, but it is funny.


27 thoughts on “Is there a glitch in wordpress, or am I missing something?

    • Nice of you to visit, Anna. Actually, considering there are three countries, there should have been at least 3 visitors. It must be a temporary thing because it’s all right now. It’s so good to know there are people from Israel there reading my post. I’m new to blogging and ever thing gets my attention.

      • Thanks Krishnan, it’s even nicer to talk to a fellow bibliophile from India! I love Bollywood!
        I’m just like you, also very new to blogging. This is my first blog, I’ve started it on 25th of October….

      • I’m older than you by 2 days. Oh, and I HATE Bollywood. Just FYI. I like only a handful of hindi movies. The rest are all rip offs of hollywood, and I figure why watch a rip off, if you can watch the original? 😀

      • You’re absolutely right. I also love the originals, I just thought that “Bollywood” meant the whole of Indian film-making industry. Now I know 🙂

  1. You are missing lots of stuff… ha!
    Do not question the workings of the great and powerful WordPress overlords!
    But I did notice they did more changes and my flag picture didn’t show up when the post went on the topic walls… not even the first pictures… stupid overlords… stop messing with stuff.

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