Old is the new ‘New’


Used to be that bringing home-cooked meal to work  was social anathema. A sure fire way to make yourself a social pariah. So unless that is what you were going for in the first place, you ate in the canteen, or the local café next to your workplace, ordering whatever is ‘happening’ in the menu, and enjoying it with your ‘cool friends’ (after posting a photo of it in facebook of course).

That is now changing. People can now be seen hanging out in groups, opening up – that’s right – lunch boxes (remember those?), and sharing food in a throwback to the seventies, eighties, early nineties – or whenever that used to be the norm. Retro – is the word.

So if you inherited an old fashioned wardrobe from your parents and have been itching to try it on ever since, go for it, because retro is here to stay. From thick black rimmed glasses to bells, the fashion gurus are promoting vintage style in a big way.

Finding it hard to digest? Check out Abhishek Bachchan and his Old Retro dad.Image

Retro has been around for some time now, of course. But what has changed is the fact that it has permeated to lifestyle choices as well. The lunch box mentioned earlier being one instance of it.

Where once people engaged in ‘love-marriages’ to announce their status as liberated citizens of the ‘free-world’, some among the NewGen, mainly the tech-savvy upper-middle class, are going for ‘arranged-marriages’ because apparently looking for and finding love is too much hassle. Besides, studies show that ‘love-marriages’ are more likely to end in a divorce. Can’t argue with numbers!

Personally I can’t wait for tooth-brush mustaches to come back around, because that is all the facial hair that I can muster.Image

If you could pick an old style to make new, what would you choose?


9 thoughts on “Old is the new ‘New’

  1. He is India’s equivalent of Clint Eastwood. Personally, I’d take Clint and his magnum over the ‘dodgy guy’ anyday. FYI, if you’ve seen slumdog millionaire, that’s the guy’s for whose autograph, the little slum kid dives into the river of shit.

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